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BOOT CAMP DAY 5 - Why does every entrepreneur need a coach?

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Improve your skills and become more valuable

This is the time to learning, growing, and improving yourself. There are a ton of e-books, virtual certification classes. There are mentors that can help you build a complete business from scratch. Downloads and templates to help you strategize. Digital tools to improve or learn a new skill. There are affordable courses and trainings. If you do your research not all are a scam. Find sources with more personalized support rather than big e-learning companies.

You can get a lot more value by spending $100 on a mentor’s e-book or template than paying $9.99 on information you could read on with a simple google search. Most mentors will personally help you (within a reasonable limit) if you purchase their product even if you do not pay for their services.  If you see any free training jump on it. Just make sure it is not a training for a specific company like DS, MLM, Affiliate, etc. unless you want to dip into those. Also, mentors and coaches offering some free help during these difficult times.

It is very important to be around people who you can share, brainstorm, vent and learn from. You don’t need someone that you personally know either. Honestly, I have learned that strangers support me more than my close friends. That’s how business world is. People around you are quick to say “You ain’t no fashion designer, how are you gonna open a boutique?” or “You need a lot of money to start a business.” or “when did you become a ….?”  And they underestimate you. Real entrepreneurs understand. Entrepreneurs know you don’t need a lot of money, degree or experience of a CEO to start a business. They know your pain points. And we know that some of the biggest entrepreneurs started with nothing. Do not let anyone discourage you.   

Hiring a coach was one of the best investments I have made. Although I already knew everything she said, I did not know how to strategize and execute. When hiring a coach, make sure their niche matches what you want to accomplish. You would not go to a weight loss coach to start a accounting business. Mentorship is a bit different in my opinion. It is more industry/niche specific.

A mentor can give you A-Z support on any part of your business. For example, I mentor mostly beauty, wellness, fashion and décor businesses. I strategize from finding the right niche to branding, web design to suppliers, products, creating content, marketing to business credit, compliance to pricing, anything you can think of. I am also a business coach who helps start and develop any small business.

Here is the difference, if you are opening an auto parts store, I don't have suppliers I am currently working with but I can establish it. I will have to make you work a little bit more than I  usually would about finding your niche, keywords, tags, branding, and brainstorm with you on finding the best practices. Auto parts store is industry specific and not one of my interests but I can assure you it will be a very successful auto parts store. Because a coach will be able to assess the needs of the business and strategize accordingly. 

Think of your customers and clients. What could you learn that would help them during this time? What skills and services could you offer that would help them?

Protect your cash now: gift cards, future appointments, and online services/sales

What are a few things you can be doing to generate money today? Sell gift cards. Try to book future appointments. People may be less inclined to book appointments with such uncertainty, so you may need to give a significant discount. Offer subscription services to secure future payments. Follow up with your former clients check on if they needed anything. Offer deals like referral or affiliate programs.

Convey how important this is to your business right now. The stronger your business' trust, loyalty, and relationships with customers, more return you will generate in time.  

If you have the money, now is the time to invest, advertise and hire

You need to invest in knowledge. Especially in the ever changing digital world you need to keep up with the updates. You need to wear so many hats as a business owner. For those reasons, you need to invest in your training.Trainings are a tax write off as well. Make sure to do your research and invest in valuable training. Don't hesitate askign the instructor questions before you make a purchase.

It is a lot easier to find a mentor and set up a personalized plan easily with the newly introduced virtual tools like Zoom. If you can make it work, now is one of the best time to hire and grow. Hiring professional help will save you money in the long run. Even better, If you hire a mentor who will teach you how to do this. You will not have to keep paying for a professional company and you will learn a new skill.

Tap into all existing resources you have

There are always people and resources that can help. The most important thing is thinking about all your options? Reached out for help? Coaches, Mentors, Groups, SBA, Online Courses, Accountability Partners, …

run on full power

Run on full power not on idle

It's tough. But taking action is the best way to move forward. Spending too much time with the news or consuming media can make things seem hopeless. It can kill your hope and productivity.

There are impactful things you can be doing. They may be what you planned, but there is always something you can be working on.

Consistency is the key to marketing. Consistent relevant content is the only way to reach your audience. So when you are doing nothing, create content! Content creation takes the most time. This is why companies hire content creators.

You need to strategize your content creation and editing and posting. Without a calendar this is almost impossible. Because something always comes up….

Read my article about How To Create Consistent Relevant Content.


  1. Brainstorm, What's the #1 thing I can help my customers and clients get through this? (personalized notes, new services, reduced price help, support, phone calls, deals, installments…)
  2. Write down, what connections and resources do I have that can help me get through this financially? (loan programs, small business relief programs, customers, connections, collaborations, business credit…)
  3. Who can help me figure out the best path forward? Who has provided amazing guidance, lessons, and strategies in the past? Someone to help brainstorm, pivot or scale my business. (A friend or family member who has a business, a mentor, a stranger from a business group, a networking event, a webinar, a business coach...)
  4. Write down, what skill can you learn or improve that will aid you and your business during this tough time?
  5. Make a list of all areas you are interested in and relevant to your business. (beauty, cooking, gaming, sports, fashion, travel, mom life, arts, entertainment, etc.)
  6. Make a list of all types of content you are interested in creating. (articles, inspirational quotes, tutorials, videos, infographics, pod-casts, etc.)
  7. Match the items on each list and assign frequency. (once a week, once a month, three times a day, etc.)
  8. Download the Content Editorial Calendar.
  9. Plug in your list items to the Content Editorial Calendar and stick to it!.

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