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Content Ideas For Social Media

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Content Ideas For Social Media

So the question some people will ask when it comes to social media marketing is where do I get ideas from. Usually behind that “So do I need to post everyday? I don't have that many ideas.” But you'd be surprised how easy it is to get ideas.

In social media posts we want to focus on solving people's problems. Because essentially when someone purchases from you, they are solving a problem.

So typically what we're trying to do is solve people's problems when we're creating in social media marketing content.  We need to answer to their questions. What to they want to know about my product or service?

So let's look at a stupid questions. Never underestimate the power of a stupid question. A stupid question is a question people ask you about your area of expertise. It is obvious for you to know the answer but not for them. What do they ask about you or your product?

What you'll find is, when people actually start asking questions, there'll be a common pattern emerging. Answer to frequently asked questions. That's the type of content people are going to respond.

Type in a simple question on Google search, about your niche or product. As you scroll down you will see the related questions. There you go! You can answer to those questions on a post. You have content for days.

Another way of finding content is to go to forums related to your niche. Type in the search bar about your niche and you will see the all the topics that are mostly asked and searched about.

content ideas for social media



  1. Look at your competition. What are they talking about? Do not copy, make it better and make it your content. 
  2. Make a list of all social media sites your target audience uses
  3. Which website do they visit the most? How much time do they spend?
  4. Create a saved Google Search for a keyword that your audience is interested in.
  5. Find a subject relevant to your niche in a forum. How would you make a post with this information?


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