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Don't Be A Motivation Slacker

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Motivation Slacker:
A person who is lack of motivation due to contemplation. Are you one? Read below.
I remember the times when I was so overwhelmed of all the things I had to do, I would find myself doing nothing but thinking on the couch instead. I realized that gives me anxiety.
Make a list of small tasks to remind you how you can utilize your time rather than contemplating.
List a new product, make a flyer, write an article, make a checklist, watch a business podcast or tutorial, create hashtag bundles, check out new apps to improve your business, create a list of inspiring quotes or quotes relevant to your business, create pop up content bank (a pool of small engaging posts to use later), search for keywords and tags, look for new features on the platforms you are on… Possibilities are endless.
by Karma Hunter

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