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Beauty Brand Mentor and Master Herbalist

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Beauty Brand Mentor and Master Herbalist

Karma Hunter

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Hi, I'm Karma.

I help entrepreneurs turn their side hustle to a profitable brand through my 3 step framework.

I would love to help you in your journey to success.

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I started making my own organic skincare products 9 years ago. I have been suffering from sensitive skin, eczema, acne, discoloration and dermatitis. Store bought products were only making it worse.

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As I was using my own products my friends started testing the products I made. Soon, I was receiving orders through word of mouth. Everyone that tried the products was coming back and bringing more customers. At that time, I was an executive with the largest airline and I did not have time to run a business. 

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I decided that I had to register a business since I was making additional income through my orders. turn it into a business. That's how KarmaDNA Beauty started. KarmaDNA means "Harmonize your mind, body and soul". Karma represents the mind and the soul and DNA represents the body and the mind.

Making the products kept feeding the creative monster in me. I love creating. But I did not have the time to do what it takes to promote my products. The demand was already taking all my time away from my full-time job. My sales were through repeat customers and word of mouth.  

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I have always been the natural, organic girl - "tree hugger" as my husband calls me. I like using natural materials and ingredients. I have always been a plant lover. I believe in the natural healing. I noticed that my products were helping others. It made me look more into the healing aspect of the herbal products. I became an herbalist and started formulating products. Started doing wholesale and after that formulated products for a few companies. It is an amazing feeling to create something that heals and helps others.

As I shared and tested more and more formulas, I started getting questions from other women who were interested in making their own organic skincare products. That is when a light bulb went off. I have found my passion. I did not want to sell my products, I liked creating, healing and inspiring. I started teaching how to make organic skincare, and how to start a business. Organically this turned into a brand mentorship.

This was perfect for me. I had a teaching degree from University of Cambridge and a PR degree. Combining those skills definitely helped with my mentorship program. I was already a Microsoft Certified computer tech and studying digital media marketing was perfect to bridge the gap in between PR and IT. Marketing is the key to business development and I am all about the organic sales.

My genius zone is to help people discover their hidden powers and combine their experience and interests to build a path to success. I definitely took advantage of my interests, education and tools I have had. When you combine passion, motivation and consistency their nothing that can stop you. 

I have always been passionate about wellness, inspiring and helping others to live a better life. I love inspiring people about personal development and growth mindset because I know we all live our best life. As a black woman, I want to be a role model to our community. I know that we all can build an empire.  

I have been in many leadership roles throughout my career. When I started my Brand Mentorship Program I realized that my calling is to make a difference. I need to make a difference in peoples lives and in the society. That's what keeps me going. I have multiple clients who make a lot more money than I have. Just the awareness of that gives me such a joy that money cannot buy. 

If you are thinking about how to start your own skincare line or beauty business I would love to help you to achieve your dream.

Karma Hunter

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