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Most Important Thing You Need to Make Organic Sales on Social Media

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Most Important Thing You Need to Make Organic Sales on Social Media

Too many people are NOT clear enough on what their niche or point of difference is!

When you’re not clear on what your niche is, it makes marketing much more difficult.

Any time I hear someone who struggling with making sales, I ask what their niche is.

Organic skincare, weight loss coach, life coach are not the niches.

They are markets and industries. But not niches.

If you don’t narrow down and get specific you will get lost in the sauce. This is why people who didn’t make it say “it’s so saturated”.

Then people are shocked and surprised when their website does not rank and they don’t get traffic from social media and they don’t make any sales.

It’s because you’re diving head first into extremely competitive markets.

If you’re a business coach, think about how many other business coaches there are.

If you’re a health coach, what type of health coach are you? There are literally millions of unique problems that health coaches could solve.

It’s the same if you sell skin care. Do you sell zero waste? Vegan? Anti Aging? Eczema Relief? Acne Products? Pain Relief?...

Make your job easier from the start because you end up competing against every person, institution or organization that sells, blogs or just mentions organic or natural skin care on the web.

But when your niche is:

>Skin care for cancer survivors
>Skin care for outdoor men
>Herbal skin care for over 50 women
>Skin care for mature oily skin
>Skin care for teens

>Ayurvedic Skincare

So here’s what you need to do.

  1. Get clear on what your Unique Selling Point  is

What is it that sets you apart from your competitors? How exactly do you define your USP?

Being clear on your USP is an essential aspect of your marketing strategy.

Your tagline or your vision statement is not a USP. It’s not enough. You need to consider how unique your offering is. How do you stand out? What are you solving?

The problem we have today is that niches and markets are crowded.

People are searching for information online and much of that are specific problems that people currently have. You need to give value and show them how you can help them solve these specific problems.

This is a great opportunity for you.

CLICK HERE to read my article about Unique Selling Point.

  1. Know exactly who your ideal client is

This is another big mistake I see people make. They’re still not clear on who their ideal customer is.

You need to know who you’re marketing to so you can figure out what type of content to create that will best meet their needs and provide the answers they’re searching for.

Figuring out who your ideal client is has to be your first step. To do this, you literally need to think like your ideal client. It’s sets the foundation for all your marketing activities. You simply cannot build a business without doing this fundamental research. There is no there way of bringing relevant engaging traffic to make sales.

There’s no point attracting the wrong people to your website. You’re only wasting your time and theirs and you’ll get a super high bounce rate.

Before you start doing keyword, tag, hashtag research, pay attention to the conversations you have with people in real life. Make a document of the exact words and phrases people are telling you at networking events, blog comments, on emails, questions and discussions in Facebook groups etc.

CLICK HERE to read my article about "How to Find Your Target Audience?"

Here’s the truth?

No amount of marketing will get you sales if you don’t have a:

  • big problem people will pay to fix
  • specific solution that solves that problem


Now if you’re business is new you may be thinking that you haven’t yet discovered your niche or you’re not clear on who your ideal client is.

It’s taken me three years to get the clarity and focus in my business and to be honest, this is an evolution. You don’t suddenly discover who your ideal customer is and then stop. It will be an ongoing process throughout your business journey.

Just start.

Super clear, super niched.

….because there are people already searching for something much more

It will be much easier for you to market to those people already searching for
ayurvedic skincare and similar terms because these people are already aware of what it is and they’re looking for something specific.

Hence they’ll be easier to convert into leads and sales than the people that have no idea what ayurvedic skincare is.

It’s all about understanding the mindset of your potential customer.


Karma Hunter Creator of "Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Profitable Brand"


Who is your target audience?

Comment and share below.


October 31, 2020



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