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Why is content consistency important for your business?

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Do you have a beauty business? Are looking to scale and have more traffic and reach to your website or social media?

Consistent content is the key! You need a blog that you can reach out to your clients and engage. Consistency is the key to any content.

When I started my business I did a lot of reading and learning about digital marketing. But I was never consistent. My content was not logical and it did not give value because of lack of consistency. So I made a productivity planner and I created a calendar that will help you keep consistent with your content.
Lay out all the relevant subjects to your business, and types of content and decide frequency. Plug in your list in the calendar and just stick to the plan. It changed everything for me.

Content Editorial Calendar


From social media and blogging to responding to customer reviews and replying to emails, your content needs to maintain a consistent style.

However, the amount of content and when you publish it is also important and smart marketing strategy. 

Whether you publish blogs every day or once per week, it’s crucial for your organization to have a schedule. When your content quality, quantity or schedule isn’t consistent, it can confuse your customers. Keeping with a regular strategy not only helps create a better customer experience but it also helps build credibility, reputation and brand trust. Consistency can also impact your bottom line.

Determine a publishing schedule for your clients. You can utilize Google Analytics to monitor and track when engagement is at its highest. Publish content at a certain time each week while alternating days, then publish on the same day each week while alternating times. By tracking several metrics including unique page views, time spent on the page and bounce rate, you can narrow down when the client's content performs the best.

While posting on social media or your blog sporadically might capture the attention of some customers, it will not help you reach your target audience. To fully connect with your audience and hit all of the necessary touch points, you need to be a consistent content creator.

Publishing on a regular basis also gives you the opportunity to learn from your customers. Ask what your following want. What would they like to know?

Engage on social media daily. Read their comments, take note of the posts they “like” the most, and keep track of the number of shares. You can more easily understand which content is driving engagement and which posts are dropping followers.

Utilize platforms like Google Analytics to monitor important performance indicators. Track the bounce rate to determine if users are leaving your website without taking action or if they’re visiting another page. Also, track page views for each blog to identify the topics that are you get most traffic. 

Creating consistent, high-quality content is more complicated than it sounds. It’s essential for your business to develop and stick to a plan.

Creating content doesn’t have to be a difficult or complicated process, but it does need to be consistent and valuable to your audience.

Making a Content Editorial Calendar is crucial. You need to make a calendar with a meaningful and attainable consistency where you can also provide valuable content. 

Karma Hunter
Beauty Expert & Herbalist
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  • Evonee Mason on

    Thank you for this very informative lesson. I will strive to put into practice what you are preaching. I get a little afraid to post anything live on my social media and I would like to build a customer base that is genuine about purchasing my products and not just trying to hit on me. I would also like to have more women customers as well. Your newsletter really gave me some insight to what I may be doing wrong and how to change it. Thank you again.

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