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BOOT CAMP - DAY 1 - How to find your target audience?

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September 14, 2020

With each day, you'll receive helpful info and a tasks to complete.

Today, read below in full and complete the short assignment at the end.  It will help with finding your keywords, tags, and creating hashtags for later. 

These are really unprecedented times. It's tough for so many people. No matter what happens, you can always reach out to me for help.

Having a support system is important. You need people who will understand you cry about your business. More importantly you need people around you to remind you how valuable you are and to keep pushing forward. Sometimes tough love may help too. Lol.

This is the time to support and help all of your customers and clients

They're struggling. So, do what you can to not only stay in contact but help them get through this. There are a lot of ways to support them. You could create helpful articles, resources, or information to help them. You could do free or reduced work for people struggling the most. You can simply send them an inspirational quote to brighten up their day.

Coming out of this, your clients remember if you were there for them. Customer loyalty and relationships are the most important. Remember, you always find your most loyal at difficult times.

The most impactful way to network online

Are you in relevant Facebook groups? Are you connecting with valuable people on LinkedIn?

Spend the 2 hours a week with online networking. Not engagement. Join Virtual Networking Events or host one yourself. You never know how valuable those events may be for you until you join one. Until then you may think it’s corny like I did. Well this challenge is for you to NOT to make the same mistakes I made when I started. Fair to say, “Do what your teacher says, don’t to what she does.” LOL.

And…don’t get too distracted by dancing babies, cat videos or politics. (I know it is hard these days). Focus on providing valuable information and helping connections. Leave in-depth comments. And don’t try to sell.

We are not in the business of sales nor marketing. The reality is, this is PR 1 of 1.

Yes, Public Relations> Communications. This is about creating relationships and building your network by providing value. Gaining recognition and trust organically.

Try to form meaningful connections and schedule a Zoom meeting with a few people. Have a few questions and icebreakers ready to create an organic atmosphere for people to share valuable information. Take notes of the questions people ask each other. These will help you create material, keywords, and tags.

Help 1 person in a big way rather than just liking a bunch of posts or start following people that are not relevant to your brand.

Quality over Quantity!

I always say that the amount of traffic is nothing unless it is relevant. Like if you got a bunch of guys looking at your lip gloss line, you will get traffic but you will not convert. Conversion means sales. When you get a lot of traffic but people just “click and dip” your bounce rate (I refer as “click and dip rate:) will be very high and conversion rate will be low. This will make you rank lower. Algorithm, regardless of the platform, thinks like this “if these people clicked on this link and left right away, it was either by mistake or it is a bad website. So I should not show this to anyone.”

Target Audience

So how do you find your Target Audience?

You need to think about your buyer's persona. What does she do? what does she like? What is her day like? Lifestyle, education, age, marital status...

You cannot target such a large audience as 20-65 age, females. You need to create a niche to be able to target a relevant audience. If you are selling skincare, is it for the luxury and glam lovers, for naturalistic tree huggers, or value shoppers? That is what a niche is! A glamorous and fragrant bottle of shampoo is not going to attract the tree hugger who would go for the package free shampoo bar which is organic and smells like rotten dirt (I am the tree hugger type). Picture the packaging and the billboards or ads for those products. You are imagining a different style, a different vibe for each niche, right?


  1. Find your buyer’s persona

Download Buyers Persona Worksheet

Fill out the Buyer Persona Worksheet. Think about who you want to target and fill in the worksheet.

  1. Create an Avatar for your target audience

Download How To Find Your Target Audience Worksheet

Fill out the How to Find Your Customer Worksheet.

  1. Write down 3 Goals for the month

Make sure they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Based. We will talk about these in the upcoming days.

  1. Keep both worksheets and your goals until the end of the challenge.

***You must have access to KarmaDNA's Emerging Entrepreneurs Workshop to download attachments.***

When you finish the task, respond to the post in the group and write DONE! Share anything you thinks is valuable and ask if you are struggling with brainstorming.

Let’s do this!

Karma Hunter


How did the worksheets help you? Let me know in the comments. 

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