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BOOT CAMP DAY 11 - Instagram Algorithm Hacks

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New Instagram Algorithm Hacks

Everybody is trying to make more followers on Insta. Having bunch of followers may be good but if these followers are not relevant you will not get any conversion. Instagram recently changed the algorithm and unless you have great content it does not show your content to people who do not follow you. New Instagram algorithm is great at shadow banning spammers, click baits, bots, etc.

So how can you get more relevant followers?

Stay in your niche

Give valuable information

Be consistent


Rule of Thumb:

Every social media platform wants you to spend time on their platform. Engagement makes you and those who engage with, spend more time using the platform. This is why creating relevant content is very important. When you post something that engages people, you are helping the social media platform keep people on there longer time. Also when you comment on other people’s posts, you make them read and reply and keep them on the platform longer again.

Pretty simple huh? So if you just like or send an emoji it is like a one night stand of a few hours maybe. But if you comment and ask questions, it is like a dinner date, a night together and breakfast, possibly seeing each other again and building a relationship. Platform shows your content to more people because the algorithm picked up that you have engaging content or influence.

When you are commenting try to end with an open ending question. This will have people replying.

Why not Yes or No questions? Because sometimes they may just respond with a “like” or just a “yes”. End of engagement!

If you are doing follow for follows or follow trains on Instagram STOP! Engagement rate is the most important to the new Instagram algorithm update.

When you follow so many people and don’t engage, your engagement rate drops. Instagram shows your content to less people. Keep in mind, on average, your content is being shown only to the 10% of your followers. When it drops…Crickets!

Also, when you follow too many people all at once, Instagram thinks that you maybe spamming or a bot.  

I recommend following fewer people who are relevant to your niche and audience. This way you can engage and start being shown to more people and the relevant ones at that

Remember, if you get engagement within 10 minutes of the post, Instagram starts showing you to more people and even to people who are not your followers.

It does not matter what your feed looks like anymore. So do not waste money on Instagram Feed Templates. Instead use your branding colors or use the same filter every time.

It is important if the first 6 boxes in your feed is quality content. Think of this like the “Above the fold” of a website.


Research your hashtags. Make hashtag bundles.

Switch up your hashtags so insta won’t think you are spamming.

Use hashtags in between 10,000 – 500,000 so you will not be lost in the saturation.

Use multiword hashtags.

Make sure your hashtags match your niche.

Utilize every hashtag you are allowed to: 38 hashtags per feed and 10 hashtags per story.

- Using 10 hashtags in your story is not a pleasant look. If you want to learn a hack, watch tonight’s live at 5 pm PST. –

 Challenge  –

For 30 days, Follow 25 people a day and engage for 30 minutes. Do not just like and send emojis. Emoji’s does not count as engagement. Like and leave meaningful or inspirational comments to their posts. Do not send anything about your business. Take a note of your follower and following count when you start the challenge. DM’s are part of the algorithm!

Accountability Buddy –

Pair up 2 accountability buddies. You will turn on each other’s notifications and within 10 minutes of posting content you must Like, Comment, Save and Share the content. Yes, all 4. Make sure your accountability buddies have relevant content and target audience as well. Since you will be sharing posts, not everything may fit your branding. Make sure you do not have too many accountability buddies because that will only overwhelm you.

 Karma Hunter

September 24, 2020

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