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BOOT CAMP DAY 12 - TikTok Algorithm

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What’s the fuss about TikTok?

TikTok’s algorithm is different than all the other social media platforms. Biggest difference is that your profile is as important as your content. Authority rankings is about your content and how you set up your profile. Right now, TikTok is the most organic platform right now across all social media.

First 5 videos are very important. Consistency is the key. If you will do meme, stick to meme. If you will do dance challenges, only do dance challenges. All your videos need to be consistent and it starts ranking you immediately. Spend time watching and learning before you start. If your first 5 videos are all different or if you switch it up later, you will see a decline on your views. How do you fix this? Make another set of 5 videos that are the same niche and keep following the niche. Because you improved your profile, TikTok will start increasing your views.

DO NOT delete your videos! Ever, TikTok hates this. Instead keep improving your content and post more and more valuable and consistent.

TikTok’S algorithm is a combination of video, audio, captions, hashtags, music, etc. And once again, what is the main goal?

Keeping TikTok users on the platform as long as you can. How do you do that?

How to rank your videos on TikTok?

Tiktok works like a podcast. Concept is to give value. What type of content is valuable in TikTok?

Engaging, Emotional and Entertaining.

Delayed Explosion Theory

Most social media platforms show your content for about 24 hours. TikTo is not like that. Sometimes, when you like a video and go ahead and check out that profile, you will see the video you liked is one of their old videos. TikTok actively tests all content. TikTok confirmed that this really happens. It restarts the video cycle. There is no dates to TikTok. Your content lives longer on TikTok.

TikTok Algorithm Tips:

  • Most videos are watched in between 13-17 seconds.
  • Starting out you need to post 6-8 videos a day
  • Post everyday
  • Post at 930am – 1130am, 3pm – 5pm, 750pm – 950pm
  • Write a caption and not only hashtags
  • Use 6 hashtags in every video.
  • Use 1-2 viral hashtags, 1-2 niche specific hashtags, 1-2 trending hashtags
  • Look at For You Page to get ideas about that is trending and what type of content being made

tiktok algorithm


  1. Create a TikTok Account.
  2. Make sure to spend time on your profile. Write a very short description of what you do and a call to action and link to your landing page.
  3. Spend 1 hour watching TikTok videos about your niche.
  4. Write down ideas of the types of videos you can create. (dance tutorial, green screen, just you speaking, making slideshow videos, etc...)
  5. Write down the type of information you can use on your videos. What questions is the target audience asking? What is the most engaging? Why?
  6. Make your 5 TikTok videos that are cohesive.
  7. Share it in the KarmaDNA's Emerging Entrepreneurs Workshop

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