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BOOT CAMP - DAY 2 - Buyers Journey, AIDA

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AIDA creates the buyer's journey. 

Aida, is the process of a buyer engaging with your products, what someone goes through before they hire your services.

First step of that journey is Attention. A young girl walking through the shopping mall and all of a sudden she sees a sun dress in the window and she needs a sun dress. It’s a style that she already likes. She likes the dress in the window immediately. It's got her attention.

So the first part of the buyer journey is the eyes seeing the product on offer. Then she walks over and she sees that there is a $50 price tag but it's been reduced to $30.

So now the mind starts getting engaged the intellectual part of the buyer journey starts to get involved. Now she's got 30 dollars. She can just about afford that this month have a budget so intellectually she's now interested.

We've gone from the eyes to the mind now the next step is the desire phase.

She takes a dress in her size, she tries it on and she looks in the mirror and she really likes the way she looks in the dress. All of a sudden desire springs up in the heart.

Now she's actually starting to desire this to fall in love with this dress. This is something she wants so we've gone eyes to the mind and now to the heart.

We think we're getting closer to a sale but she starts walking out. As she's walking out, a sales assistant says “Would you like to buy that dress?”

And there's a call to action.There's a call for her to physically do something and she decides that this is something she likes. So intellectually she can afford the dress.She desires, the hearts engaged, so she takes action. She goes over and she pays for the dress and takes the dress out.

That's the buyer journey. Whenever someone buys something this is the process they go through.

When we understand that process we can map our marketing to that journey. So when you are creating a marketing campaign we are going to start from the bottom.

  • First think about the call to action. What do you want them to take an action about? Learn more, buy now, make an appointment, show now, add to cart, etc.
  • Then, think about how you will create the desire. Are you going to send a newsletter or make a flyer, or are you going to text your clients and maybe you will post on social media?
  • How are you going to get them interested in? This is why we kept the worksheets from yesterday. Look at your Buyer Persona and How to find your target audience worksheets to brainstorm. If they like food, are you going to write recipes, do tutorials, show videos cutting cakes or eat food in front of them? (Don’t judge, lol). If they are a value customers, you can write budget recipes. If they are a luxury customers, put caviar on top of everything… You get the point.
  • Now the last part is the most important part. How will you get their attention? This is where relevant and consistent content kicks in. You need to be creative amongst billions of content out there and you need to do this strategically. Content marketing is the Strategic process of creating media which grabs the attention of customers/clients. Everything you create on social media is content. A post, a picture, a video, a quote…

aida content marketing


1.Take your buyer persona worksheet and place it where you can see it whenever you're working at your computer and doing your online marketing. It's going to give a much more intimate and powerful tone to your marketing content.

2. On Facebook find an ad and examine it. Does it have a good AIDA flow? Write your observations on what does work and what does not work for you. Is it a good idea or a bad ad. I recommend looking at your competition’s ads. Check out an established corporation and a small business’ ads

3. Strategize a marketing campaign using AIDA. Think of only 1 product or service you offer. If they said “here you go, make a free commercial”, what would you do? How do you vision your commercial to look like? Write a list of your ideas on marketing this single item utilizing AIDA and your worksheets from yesterday’s challenge.

4. Download the Marketing Strategy Game Plan - Part 1

You can always send me what you have created if you want feedback. 

When you are done comment "done" in the group.

Karma Hunter


Were the ads you have studied good ads? Comment below.




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