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BOOT CAMP DAY 9 - YouTube Tips

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YouTube Tips


You need a Google account before you can create a new YouTube Channel.

What Should I Name My YouTube Channel?

If you have a very specific niche for your brand/business, your channel name should reflect that., you better only talk about fitness! Your channel name should align with your content, and if you’re not sure about what kind of content you’re going to talk about, keep it flexible by putting the channel under your name.


In order to access certain features of YouTube like uploading custom thumbnail, you need to make sure that your account is verified. Go to your profile on Google to verify your account.


Nobody tells you this ,You want to use this link: add_user=(YOURUSERNAME) when you share your YouTube channel on your other social platforms. Because it creates an automatic pop-up that makes people subscribe before they can watch your content on your channel. It’s a great way to increase subscribers on your channel! NOTE: In oder to create a subscription link, you must have a custom URL which you can only secure when you have over 100 subscribers. Click here to secure your custom URL.


You have 1 chance to make a good first impression, and the best way to get your audience to hit that subscribe button is to tell them WHY they should! Your header on your channel is prime real estate, use it wisely. This is what it should include

  • How many videos you post per week and which day your audience can expect new content
  • A brief description of what kind of content your channel will offer
  • Your logo
  • Your avatar should be a quality photo of yourself and it should be the same as the profile photo you use on all of your social platforms for brand consistency


You need to turn your traffic into potential customers.

First priority, send your YouTube traffic to your conversion site. A conversion site is a place to convert your traffic into potential customers by adding them to an email list or sending them to an online store. Examples of a conversion site are:

  • Website
  • E-Commerce Site
  • Landing Page
  • Leadpage

Second priority, is to add your social links to your channel. This is beneficial because then you can turn your YouTube traffic into community members on all of your social platforms so you can build relationships with your audience.

NOTE: In order to add social links, you need to be a YouTube Partner. It’s easy to apply and takes a few days to confirm.

To add your website and social links, go to the top right hand corner of your channel banner and click on edit links


You heard me talk about keywords before. Keywords are crucial to reach the target audience. In the creator studio, under ‘channel’, under ‘advanced’, you want to add channel keywords to make your channel easier to find for your target audience. Make sure that these keywords match the words that your target audience is searching for.


Your ‘about’ section of your channel should be short and sweet! It’s designed to give your audience an idea of who you are, how you can help them and why they should subscribe.


You want to add a logo or subscribe button to all of your videos at once? It will take you less than 5 minutes to do this go to:

Creator Studio, Channel, Branding, Upload Branding Watermark.


Make it easy for your audience to find relevant information. Keeping people on your channel for long periods of time increases your channel watch time, which tells Google that you have really good content…which helps you rank higher in search! So, what’s an easy way to keep people on your channel? Playlists! Another benefit of playlists is that if you use the correct keywords in the titles, your entire playlist can rank in search for those keywords. This is a great way to increase your channel optimization. Click here to set up your playlists and sections.


This is a great way to collaborate with fellow youtubers in your niche! Add recommended channels to your channel and those channels may add you to their channel. This gives you cross promotion to an entirely new audience! And if you have more than one channel, this is a great way to cross promote all of your channels in one place.


Your channel trailer is the best way to introduce yourself to a new visitor to your channel and instantly tell them why they should subscribe! if you don’t have a channel trailer already made, use one of your most popular videos as your channel trailer in the meantime to showcase your best work to potential new subscribers. Your script for your channel trailer should include

  • Who you are
  • Why you’re a credible source i.e. you’re the founder of ______, you’re an author, you’re the creator of
  • How your content will benefit your viewers
  • A call-to-action to subscribe to your channel and also to go to your website for more information

To learn how to add a channel trailer go to the link


Custom Thumbnails help you stand out from the crowd and also act as an extension of your branding. They should be consistent in text and color and align with your brand aesthetic. You can only add custom thumbnails once you have verified your Google account.


TIP: BE CONSISTENT! The more consistent you can be with your content, the better chance you have of building a loyal audience. Go for one video per week - anything beyond that is a bonus!

 youtube tips


  • Create a YouTube Channel and apply the checklist above. If you have a YouTube channel audit by using the checklist above and make necessary changes.

We will talk about how to increase traffic to your channel in more detail during live at 5pm PST.


Karma Hunter

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