KarmaDNA is a lifestyle brand with a unique approach to life.

About KarmaDNA

 What is KarmaDNA?

KarmaDNA means the harmony of the mind, body and soul. Karma represent the goodness of the soul and DNA represents the wellness of the body.

KarmaDNA was found by the Beauty Brand Mentor and Master Herbalist Karma Hunter and her husband Dana. Karma is an entrepreneur, who helps women turn their side hustle into a profitable brand.

Karma has Brand Mentorship Programs as well as coaching, classes and courses which are designed to help new entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Karma and Dana are committed to give back to the community.

KarmaDNA is a lifestyle brand with a unique approach to life.


Karmadna Beauty

Organic Handmade Skincare, Holistic Topical Medicine and CBD Products.

Wholesale, Private Label and Dropshipping services are available.



We design and sell home goods that are premium quality and hand picked considering efficiency and functionality. We love to incorporate global designs and natural materials to modern life. We can help you upgrade your living space with functional solutions and unique products.

Shop Premium Quality Products and Explore Global Designs from World Class Makers.

KarmaDNA specializes in Home Textile. We are not textile experts, we just love stylish, quality products.

Commitment to Cotton

Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticide than any other crop in the world. Pesticides and insecticides are distributed by major companies and have a track record of harming the soil, air quality, the waterways, and the surrounding biological diversity. When you bring conventionally grown cotton into your house, it can harbor traces of the chemicals used to treat it, causing irritation, rashes and dizziness.

When cotton is grown organically, it substantially reduces the harm done to the environment around it. Organic cotton also uses 90% less water. A safer, more sustainable raw material that makes a softer, more luxurious product. But, unfortunately, organic cotton only accounts for 1% of cotton grown throughout the world.

Organic isn’t a marketing statement for us. We have committed to use 100% organic cotton on our towels because it makes a better life for the people who grow it, and because its makes a better product for the people who use it. It also saves 90% of the water used in conventional farming methods, and pays premiums to those who plant, ensuring that they remain debt-free. knowing that our products are eco-friendly, vegan and natural hypo allergenic, makes us sleep better at night. 
Because we commit to safety and purity, we also use third party verification to ensure that all of our raw material meets international standards for organic farming. 





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